The Ace of Wands:

All aces indicate beginnings, as far as the ace of Wands is concerned this is the beginning of enterprise. If this card occurs, an important new business or relationship is indicated.

Reversed: Restlessness, an uncontrolled desire for change for its own sake. Lack of confidence and a need for the support of others.

The Ace of Wands: $600



The Two of Wands:

A successful and prosperous partnership is often shown by the appearance of the Two of Wands. A meeting of minds will enhance projects and lead to success. Think more positively about your prospects.

Reversed: A clash of personalities or friction within an established partnership. Success that leaves you unsatisfied.

The Two of Wands: $600


The Three of Wands:

The Three of Wands is a card of luck, showing that your ship will soon come in and that your current worries will soon be resolved. You may need just a little more patience, but you can be assured that your troubles will soon be at an end.

Reversed: Pride, arrogance and a refusal to appreciate the truth could be hampering your efforts. Stubborn independence.

The Three of Wands: $600


The Four of Wands:

The Four of Wands is the card of harvest. It means the successful conclusion of a project. It can show personal achievement and material well-being. Apart from that, it is a card of the home and may show improvements to a property or that a move is imminent.

Reversed: Restriction and a feeling of pointlessness. Ingratitude or disappointment. Unfulfilled hopes cause regret.

The Four of Wands: $600



The Five of Wands:

An exciting challenge which raises the adrenaline. Competitions a need to prove oneself. Sporting interests could now be stimulated. The card also indicates a good time to hold negotiations concerning business.

Reversed: Quarrels and misunderstandings. Legal affairs cause worry and there is the danger of far-reaching deception.

The Five of Wands: $600


The Six of Wands:

A major ambition will be fulfilled. Success is foretold in any venture. You may have to work for it but you will achieve a greater victory than you expect. Be bold and daring, because audacity is bound to pay off at this time.

Reversed: Anxiety, success delayed, fear for the future - however, the prospects are still good, even though you may worry about them.

The Six of Wands: $600


The Seven of Wands:

This card shows a time of adversity when it is important to stand your ground and not give an inch. Be stubborn and stand up for yourself, because only a firm attitude and resolute actions will win the day. Your will eventually triumph over great odds.

Reversed: Timidity, self doubt and indecision at the worst possible time. Believe in yourself otherwise defeat is certain.

The Seven of Wands: $600


The Eight of Wands:

The end of delays, travel, movement and swift resolution of problems. Communications of all kinds, phone calls, letters and many journeys. Understanding and co-operation, helpful companions. Good news is on its way.

Reversed: Delays, unexpected hitches in travel plans. Impetuous or premature actions. Exhaustion. This is not a time to put your views in writing. Envy.

The Eight of Wands: $600


The Nine of Wands:

Self-confidence, stability and strength. In times of stress the appearance of this card is reassuring, promising that you have all you need to maintain your position and eventually prosper. Patience is a virtue. Remain vigilant.

Reversed: Obstinacy, a refusal to compromise in any way, an unbending will, fixed and erroneous attitudes.

The Nine of Wands: $600


The Ten of Wands:

Heavy duties, and a stressful and hard-working life. Burdens may be shouldered on behalf of others. Difficult tasks to complete; however you will successfully complete your work, even though the price in terms of health and anxiety may be high. Perhaps some obligations have to go.

Reversed: You may be taken advantage of: subversion, hidden enemies. Attempts will be made to disrupt your plans.

The Ten of Wands: $600


The Page of Wands:

A traveller. An adaptable, hard-working and enthusiastic young person with an impulsive nature. A messenger. The Page of Wands may be hyperactive with little staying power and easily bored.

Reversed: A complainer who likes his or her own way. A faithless lover. A bringer of bad news. There may be reading or writing problems.

The Page of Wands: $600


The Knight of Wands:

An energetic warrior, a generous friend or a lover. He has a hasty personality and is quick to love or hate. This Knight can also mean a change of home.

Reversed: A jealous person who thrives on conflict. An argumentative and aggressive man.

The Knight of Wands: $600


The Queen of Wands:

A freedom loving woman who is lively, active and creatively gifted. She may run a business or hold a responsible position. She is warm-natured and a practical organiser of others. A lover of nature.

Reversed: A possessive woman who hates independence in others. Bad-tempered and dictatorial. A jealous and vengeful woman.

The Queen of Wands: $600



The King of Wands:

An athletic man of authority. He is much travelled and worldly wise. His hair is probably brown, his eyes blue or hazel. An athletic man, strong and healthy. Honourable in an old-fashioned sense, he may be a businessman. He is just, kind and generous. He makes an excellent advisor. He is sexually passionate.

Reversed: Intolerant, prejudiced male, maybe violent and belligerent. Bad counsel who is ruled by his own passions.

The King of Wands: $600