Ace of Swords:

Herald of unstoppable force, with guaranteed results and success, moving all obstacles in the Card's way.

Reversed: Maelstrom of confusion and inward facing stresses and fights.

Ace of Swords: $600


Two of Swords:

Dependable ally in a time of need - but fraught with difficulty as an outside force introduces conflict, contention, division of this unity, and no clear path is determined.

Reversed: This ally turns bad, betrays, tricks, abuses - and you may be to blame.

Two of Swords: $600


Three of Swords:

A blockage is removed - possible a relationship turned bad that was hard to end, or promised more heartache to end - becomes lanced and more healthy as the obstacle is overcome.

Reversed: Turmoil, conflict, reversal, contusion, difficulty, but healing may have begun, but hard to tell so soon.

Three of Swords: $600


Four of Swords:

Retreat can be many things, here it is a need to step back and refocus, calm and self order, plot and plan.

Reversed: Failure to renew brings exhaustion, enforced rest and isolation, bleakness and darkness.

Four of Swords: $600


Five of Swords:

We cannot always be right, and our choices cannot always be good - sometimes we must accept we are fallible and rework our plans, accept our humility.

Reversed: Rigidity, stubbornness, failure to adapt to situations and their needs.

Five of Swords: $600


Six of Swords:

The saying there is safety in numbers cuts in here - ally with others of a like mind, with the same perspective - suppression of the ego allows a wider understanding and wider compassion of others.

Reversed: Beset by trivia and distractions, no clear path is possible, and help from others is minimised or neglected.

Six of Swords: $600


Seven of Swords:

Force on force is exhausting and counter productive - circles require less force and can help use the opponent or obstacles force against them. Think less of conflict, and more of cooperation.

Reversed: Turmoil, unrest, congestion - look carefully to your own immediate world at such times.

Seven of Swords: $600


Eight of Swords:

At times when fortune does not smile on us, we can become bogged down and hemmed in - like quicksand a determined struggle may make things worse, whereas relaxing into the situation and accepting help may produce faster and better results.

Reversed: A risk of becoming what you fear - your own qualities mirroring back in a negative way, coiling around you fuelled by your own insecurities.

Eight of Swords: $600


Nine of Swords:

Difficulty, unrest, loss of sleep, loss of mental equilibrium, reduced performance - fall from grace.

Reversed: Insular self imposed exclusion, refusal to accept help or assistance.

Nine of Swords: $600


Ten of Swords:

Crucible of ice and cold, this is a low point for anyone, dark and distressed - but not indefinite.

Reversed: Try to be positive, as bad circumstances drag you down.

Ten of Swords:  $600


Page of Swords:

A lively and positive energy, the Page brings youth and liveliness, momentum and enthusiasm. Such things can rub off!

Reversed: A black hole person who brings only unrest and disappointment, takes and never gives.

Page of Swords: $600


Knight of Swords:

Like a diplomat, the Knight is charming and persuasive, compelling and magnetic - not necessarily for your ends though!

Reversed: Smooth and smarmy, false and shallow charm, overlaying malice and contempt, and possible an urge to harm.

Knight of Swords: $600


Queen of Swords:

This Queen is cool and aloof, reserved and formal, but not detached or insulated - a calm and passive exterior may mask a lively and intuitive mind.

Reversed:  The cool and aloof exterior may be for real - covering a shallow and jealous mind and heart.

Queen of Swords: $600


King of Swords:

Stately and wise, centred and able to hold his own counsel without overly being swayed by external influences.

Reversed: Unstable and small minded, petty and malicious, all covered with a charming exterior.

King of Swords: $600